Hurricane Sandy
Bags of Hope

Even though Hurricane Sandy hit New York and New Jersey months ago, communities are still reeling from it's impact. You can help to give a struggling family hope by providing clothing, household items and supplies.

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Helping Highland Aim High

Highland Elementary: 84% in poverty, and 60% in English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)—yet this school was named a National Blue Ribbon School in 2009. Help them keep it going in these tough economic times!

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Inspired by the
Life of #10

Inspired by the life of friend and teammate, #10, Carmen Dominguez, Give 10 for 10 strives to help people appreciate the power each of us has to make a meaningful difference through the smallest of gestures.

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  What if you were told that a simple action could change the world?

If you were told that for $10 you could help end cancer forever, would you skip that latte and muffin today to make it happen?

If you knew you could put an end to childhood hunger just by donating 10 cans of tuna, would you go to your pantry to find them?

If just 10 words of encouragement would inspire a future president, or planting 10 trees would save the entire planet? Would you do those things?

If you were told you could have 10 more minutes to spend with a loved one before they were gone forever, would you make time to be with them?